This course is designed to introduce students to Web Design and HTML using notepad and web browsers.  The students will learn the history of the World Wide Web, the Web design process,  career options in the Web Industry, and standards for effective Web sites.  Also, students will be creating webpages using HTML, uploading to the web, and evaluating webpages. 

This course is designed to give students an introductory look into the digital media courses that are offered at Rhinelander High School.  This course will introduce concepts including: digital graphic arts (photoshop, indesign), game design (scratch), website design (Google Sites), mechanical/architectual design (cheif arch.), digital photography (photoshop), and digital video (imovie, moviemaker).

Game industry revenues, which some have estimated exceed $30 billion per year worldwide, have surpassed film box office and music concert revenues in the United States alone-making games the fastest-growing segement of the entertainment market, and an excellent field for career advancement. This course will cover history and three seperate video game programming software, to give students an introductory to career opportunities, object orientated programming, story development, gameplay, audio, and simple variable programming.

This course is designed to introduce students to MS Office 2013.  This course will focus on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  It will expose students to practical examples of the computer as a useful tool while teaching students the proper procedures to create documents, worksheets, presentations suitable for coursework, professional purposes, and personal use.  Additionally, the course will include two transcripted credits with Nicolet College.

This course is designed to introduce students to the world of graphic design through projects based in Photoshop, Ilustrator, InDesign, and more!