(1 Semester - .5 credit)
This course is designed to allow students to explore the design and layout of residential structures, as well as the creation and use of CAD drawings in home design and construction. Drawings and related projects are assigned in area planning for homes, cost analysis, floor plan design, foundations, roof styles, section views, elevations, perspective renderings, and land descriptions. Related career opportunities are also explored. The basics of computer-aided drafting (CAD) will be reinforced in this class using the Chief Architect software packages. Fee. 

(1 Semester - .5 credit)
Prerequisite: Engineering Materials
This introductory level course applies modern technology to the efficient
processing of our important renewable resource, wood. Students
will explore careers, and examine new techniques and methods, while
safely constructing a project. Fee.

This is an exploratory course designed to familiarize the student with
the proper procedures in the operation, care and safe usage of lab
equipment along with an introduction to manufacturing equipment
in wood technology and metal technology. The use of wood, plastic,
metals, and other materials is introduced to help students understand
technology’s role in preparing a product. This course is recommended
for freshmen and sophomores so that advanced courses will be open
to them in the junior and senior year. Fee.